8 June 2015

Limited Edition Costa Vanilla Latte (@TassimoUK) [By @Cinabar]

I was completing an online order to stock up on Tassimo pods, specifically the Chai ones as they are difficult to find in the shops. Obviously I had a bit of a browse and spotted a new product; Costa Vanilla Latte. I added one box to my order to try out.
You can’t tell so well from the photograph, thanks to an over enthusiastic flash, but they are actually in a very smart gold pack. I think this signifies their newness and their Limited Edition status.
The format is the same as the regular Lattes, two pods, one milk one and one with an espresso to add the coffee. The coffee looks like it is the usual pod, and the new element is the vanilla in the milk pod for the Latte.
I popped them in the machine and brewed up my drink. The flavour was remarkably good. The vanilla does add sweetness, but the vanilla part was more substantial than that. It was a little creamy and very slightly floral too, which just worked a treat with the coffee. I loved the mug, but I immediately regretted not buying another pack. These are actually my preference over the Tassimo Caramel Lattes which although very nice are a little sweet for me. These just seem far better balanced.
Although I bought theseVanilla Lattes off the Tassimo website, I have since them spotted them on the high street. It may sound obvious but I hadn’t realised that the branches of Costa also sold the Costa Tassimo products, including these new flavoured ones. I think I’ll pick up my next box from there, just as it is easy to pop in at a weekend and my local supermarkets don’t seem to have caught up yet.
By Cinabar

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