20 June 2015

Old Mout Cider (Sainsbury's) [By @SpectreUK]

Old Mout Cider has apparently been "pronounced incorrectly since 1947". "Ohld-moot-sy-der" or so the label states was established way back then in Nelson, in New Zealand. Three flavours have recently been brought out for summer, and muggins gets to try them. I do like a good cider, but I'm not sure of the sound of some of these flavours...

Kiwi and Lime
Never too keen on kiwis, but noting the reference to New Zealand I picked this greenish bottle to start with. I do like lime, especially with a fizzy lemonade. Sour drinks and sour sweets are some of my favourite extreme flavours. I don't know what the kiwi will bring to the flavour or indeed the cider, but I suspect there is only one way to find out. On opening the bottle there was quite a strong kiwi smell, with a hint of cider and a touch of lime behind it. The fizzy greenish cider glugged into my waiting beer mug. On first taste there was a heavy kiwi flavour with a light sourness from the lime half the way through right to the end of the flavour. Frozen this 4% volume cider would probably make the best ice lolly in the world. As an alcoholic drink I can't see why anyone in their right mind could dislike it. It's fresh, it's breezy, sour and lush, with hardly any nudge towards being a cider. Watch the kids with this. Make sure you put it on the top shelf of the fridge!

Summer Berries
There was a heavy summer berry smell on opening the bottle of this 4% volume cider. Heavy on the blackberry, with a hint of raspberry and a good alcoholic bite from the cider apples. In taste this fizzy deep red cider had a larger than life blackberry flavour with raspberry twizzle in the background and a slightly sour cider apple twang at the end of the flavour. Again, get those ice lolly making kits out for this one. I remember we had a kit when I was a kid but have no idea what happened to it. I also remember cider ice lollies when I was a lad from ice cream vans in the park. They tasted great and I just bet these would too. I'll have to ask my parents if they can dig the ice lolly making kit out from somewhere. Oh yeah, and keep them and these bottles away from the kids. They taste way too good for them!

Passionfruit and Apple
I certainly haven't had any problems drinking these flavoured ciders so far. I've tried the weirdest sounding first, the one that filled me with dread next (it was the fear of cherries!), and now I've left the best sounding until last. I do love passionfruit. Although it's an ugly weird looking furry fruit and its insides looks a little like the insides of an animal, I know from past experience especially in drinks that passionfruit tastes great. On opening this 4% volume cider there was a heavy smell of passionfruit mixed with a very appley cider. If I enjoyed the first two ciders this Passionfruit and Apple cider was the alcoholic drink of the Gods! I can see them; Greek or Roman Gods of legend popping open bottles of Passionfruit and Apple cider joking about the poor humans below drinking wine. Gosh this tasted good. The right amount of passionfruit mixed with the right level of cider made for a fruity sweet and sour delicious ride on bubbles of tastiness. Good stuff this. Now where's that ice lolly making kit...?
By Spectre

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