31 May 2015

Nature Valley Protein bars - Peanut + (choc/pumpkin & Sunflower seeds) [by @NLi10]

Boxes are clearly for sitting on according to snack kitten Luna.

She spent a good while on these boxes as it gave a slight vantage point.  Eventually I was allowed to put them in my bag and take them to work.

Nature valley sent us a box of both kinds of these and I thought it would be a good idea to give them to the snack happy IT team that I now have in my office and monitor the results.

The basic idea is this - these are cereal bars focussed on having nutrients and calories instead of just the usual cereals.  The peanuts are whole and crunchy instead of the dust you see in some cases, the chocolate is strong and the seeds are noticeable in both flavour and quantity. They are held together by a coating of honey/sugar looking stuff which adds a nice layer of sweetness to them both.

The chocolate version (first choice for a lot of people in the office) was well received and given positive reviews by all who tried - and there did seem to be less dipping into the biscuit tin for a few hours at least.

Only a couple of people chose the seeds version (a win for me as of the two I preferred it) with similar effect.  I certainly didn't need to supplement this and wasn't tempted to double up and have a 2nd like I do with Tracker bars.

I'm not sure there is enough protein here for those people who love to bulk up with powders and lotions but for us normal folk this is a good way to snack, get some nutrients and keep hunger at bay.

Personally I'd go for the nuts and seeds version overtime, but those with a sweeter disposition may think otherwise.

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