10 May 2015

Meiji - Rich Matcha Biscuits (Japan) [@NLi10]

When my sister went to Japan recently she brought back a few snack oddities for me to try - and this times theme was Matcha.

We'll look at the Pocky another day - first up is the Meiji.  This is basically a box of green tea Oreos.  And you only get 6 in the box. 

To me this seemed too few. But each was wrapped as a two biscuit portion so I tried one to see what it was like.

The matcha green tea smell is really strong, indeed the box suggests that the filling is 51% tea - and the creme is pretty thick! The biscuit is also unusual, and doesn't have the usual sweetness or crumbliness that I was expecting.

On the first bite you realise that this is no ordinary biscuit - it's almost like a shot of Matcha tea in a dry form. The flavour is really powerful and lingers.  The texture is very creamy and the dark biscuits worked really well, having almost a charcoal like texture to them.

The box didn't go through an import company so I don't have much more info on these, but if you like your tea and flavours very strong then this is a highly recommended snack. And six is plenty - I'm not risking even eating two of these at a time!

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