29 May 2015

Burtons’ Fish N Chips - New Curry Sauce (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Since the relaunch of Burtons’ Fish N Chips in 2014, they do seem to have grown in popularity. I know when I’ve been eating them at work people have come up to me and asked about them, excited to see them back. The wonders of nostalgia.
They have now expanded the range with two new flavours. Notably no actual fish flavour yet, but in addition to the Salt and Vinegar already out we now have Pickled Onion and these new Curry Sauce ones.Curry Sauce seems like an unusual choice, but who doesn’t like a splash on their chips of proper Chip Shop style sauce.

The texture of these crisps is light but crunchy, they are airy inside but the cracker like texture really works. Taste wise these exceeded expectations. The curry sauce flavour is generously seasoned and very aromatic. The focus is on curry powder, but there were lovely complexities and different spices mixed in. The heat from these crisps wasn’t too strong, but the warmth was stronger than I thought they’d be, they had a nice chilli tingle.

I happily munched my way through the bag and absolutely loved them. The bags they came in were quite small, but there was plenty inside and they still felt like a proper portion. I can’t wait to try the Pickled Onion ones, if these are anything to go by they are going to be awesome. Here is hoping the wave of new varieties continues and we get something akin to Scampi flavour very soon.
By Cinabar

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paulham said...

The Pickled Onion variety will BLOW YOUR TASTEBUDS INTO NEXT YEAR!!!!

They are AWESOME*

* My personal guarantee.