15 May 2015

Chocolate Dipping Adventure (@HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar] #HCHero

Hotel Chocolat are currently celebrating their Hotel Chocolat Heroes, product which are just the best of the best. As part of this opportunity they very kindly sent us one of their products to test out, this Chocolate Dipping Adventure.
This set is very clearly aimed at the dinner party market and is the perfect solution to a fun dessert to share. Inside the box are four tubs of chocolate to melt, and various goodies to dip in. The chocolate seems very solid in the tub but we followed the microwave instructions and they melted perfectly. I checked them part way through and they seemed solid but by the end of the time I was left with hot (but not too hot) liquid chocolate. They can then be placed back in the box they came in, for that after dinner show piece.

Everyone grabbed the neat and tidy wooden tongs provided and we started out on our dipping adventure. Some of the items seem a little strange in the context, for example the chocolate nuts. My initial though was why would you want to dip an already chocolate covered nut into more chocolate. Well let me tell you that more chocolate makes it truly luxurious. It was fun dipping them in the dark and white pots too, to mix things up. I loved the marshmallows, and all the different biscuits type.

The biscuit sticks were plain in flavour but this really showed off the quality of the chocolate in the pots. Dipping the ends in dark chocolate made them look like cute edible match sticks.

The florentines were fun and sticky, and we all enjoyed trying out the chocolate dips with the interesting ingredients. Everything in the box had been carefully chosen and worked beautifully with the chocolate. We also added a tub of strawberries, because that works so well too and there was plenty of chocolate to go around! I was impressed by how long it stayed in liquid form too. It is the perfect after dinner dessert to enjoy socially and chat with while you dip luscious ingredients in melted chocolate. Heaven. This is definitely my Hotel Chocolat Hero product.
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I love new adventures and this one sounds sweet