2 May 2015

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Berries & Cream (Ocado) [By @SpectreUK]

These half fruit flavoured half vanilla flavoured Fruit Pastilles come in three varieties; raspberry, blackberry and strawberry with half each split with vanilla "cream" flavour. It's no secret that I love Fruit Pastilles, but the problem is I hate fruit and cream puddings. Rowntrees haven't let me down before, but I have to admit I was pretty worried with these sweets. On opening the bag there was red and white sweets and there was black and white sweets. So I was hoping I'd be able to tell the difference in the taste. First up was the raspberry flavour, which was strong in vanilla until the end just before swallowing there was a fruity burst of raspberry. Blackberry flavour was the strongest flavour, sweet and very nice indeed. Strawberry flavour was the most subtle of the sweets, with a mix of strawberries and cream. These 'bad boys' (I say in the positive sense) will be seeing a lot of time in the stalls in Wimbledon I'm certain of it. The fruit and cream sellers better watch out. Even if you don't like fruit and cream puddings give these a try. :-)

Information on the bag;
150g bag. Per 7 sweet serving there are 94 calories, 0g of fat and 14.9g of sugar. No artificial flavours, colours or preservative and made with fruit juice, but no dairy cream.
By Spectre

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