22 May 2015

New Muller Bliss Corner - Strawberry Compote (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I’ve seen these new yoghurts from Muller advertised a fair bit on TV and was keen to try them out. The idea is that it is Greek yoghurt is whipped, so it is a change of texture. Although I’m pretty sure other flavours have been advertised our Waitrose only stocked the strawberry, but that seems a good enough place to start.
The Muller yoghurt is a split-pot dessert, ie you get yoghurt one side, strawberry compote the other, and then mix the two. I thought with the Greek yoghurt being thick it might be a bit awkward to mix the strawberry compote section but it was fine, still easy to lightly stir or fold in.

The texture of the yoghurt is lovely, it does feel wonderfully fluffy in the mouth, thick and substantial but somehow still light. The flavour was what impressed me the most, this is a lower calorie dessert, and somehow they managed to make it take so very creamy. It is surprisingly rich, and it felt almost naughty to be eating. The strawberry section was sweet and fruity and the whole thing reminded me of a bowl of strawberries and cream. It was seriously summery too, but without all the guilt.
I’m looking forward to exploring some of the other flavours on offer, when I can find them.
By Cinabar

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