25 May 2015

Doritos Roulette (Waitrose) [By @cinabar] #DoritosRoulette #HotChilli

We watched Eurovision this year with pizza and Doritos, what more could you want for a Saturday night! Obviously being Foodstuff Finds the Doritos were the new variety, Doritos Roulette.
The idea of these Doritos chips is that most are a pleasing cheesey flavour and some are red hot chilli. I've even a lot of "hot" crisps and the one thing that is consistently true is that hot crisps aren't seriously hot. Tangy, spicy, even a little burny but nothing that bad. I poured out some of the Doritos and had a little look to see if I could work out which ones the hot ones were visually. They all looked the same, I couldn't spot which ones I thought would be the chilli ones which meant picking them out really was Roulette. I ate one that looked heavily seasoned and found them to have a tasty nacho cheese flavour, which was seriously good. We had some garlic dip (which came with the pizza) and it was a fab flavour combo. A couple of Doritos later I had what I thought was a hot one, it was warmer than the others but only a bit. I thought it was a bit disappointing. Later I realised that particular chip was just a bit warmer than the others because it had been leaning on an actual hot one. I know this because the next Doritos chip I ate nearly killed me. It wasn't just hot, it was like eating pure liquid fire. It hurt. I got up desperate for water, I went to the fridge and tried to open it but a chilli triggered sneezing fit prevented me. Eventually I slugged some milk back and recovered. Bravely I tried to eat some more, but by my fourth hot crisp I realised they were unbearable and they had beaten me. Spectre happily took the rest of my portion off me, he said he could just about cope with them providing they had a heavy covering of dip, but the sweat on his brow and the pink in his cheeks said otherwise. ;-)
They were fun but dangerous for our Eurovision fuelled feast. Great novelty but Im not sure we buy them again! Congrats to Sweden on winning, fab song but the interactive animation mixed with it had our vote.
By Cinabar

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