21 May 2015

Knor nudl - Pomidore amore (via Poland) [by @NLi10]

On one of my many trips to one of our local Polski Sklep Polish Grocery shops I spotted this exciting little packet of noodles.  Ordinarily this wouldn't be something to startling - the discount stores get familiar brands from other countries as it's cheaper - but someone had taken the time to import these specific noodles so I wondered if there was anything particularly special here. 

The pack looked exciting and I'm assuming that the title is 'tomato love' and that we can win something to do with a concert.

unless kod promocyjny is a new weird flavour then this is the code to win tickets to a gig in Poland. Feel free to try!

The noodles looked and smelt identical to the English super noodles, but the sauce was quite interesting.  The tomato flavours were stronger - maybe due to the larger sachet - and it actually did taste like tomato! I'd certainly pick these up again - especially as a quick look on the website revealed quite a few other flavours of interest.  And they were only 50p!

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