7 May 2015

Asda takeaway pizza - Holy Smoke! [by @NLi10]

There are some mighty fine home-take-away pizzas on the market now, and Asda have a few of interest.  Here we have a BBQ version - unfortunately with the latest fad of pre-chewed (pulled) pork.

It doesn't look overloaded with toppings but it certainly had enough to fill me up.

And here it is cooked!

The onion looked quite abundant but didn't overpower the lovely BBQ flavour that was the reason for picking it up.  I was hoping the pulled pork would crisp up in the cooking but it was still a bit like baby food or the middle of chicken nuggets. It didn't spoil the pizza though, it was just like having mince instead of proper meat. 

I'm not sure it was as takeaway as the box suggested but it was a fluffy base and a good range of fresh flavours. Not sure I'd rush to have it again though.

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