19 May 2015

Afternoon Tea (Patisserie Valerie) @valeriecafe [By @Cinabar]

Afternoon Tea is definitely becoming more popular, with the leisurely afternoon treat seen as the perfect way to spend a Saturday or afternoon off. Prices vary quite substantially, and I’ve decide to have a bit of taste test and review of some of the popular options. It’s on trend at the minute and I’m happy to put myself through this food experiment, being a food blogger can be so tough sometimes! :-D
We decided that we would try out Afternoon Tea for Two at Patisserie Valerie. I don’t often mention costs on the blog, but as the prices can vary so much I feel that it might be worth noting, it costs £12.95 per person (correct as at May 15).
We sat down at a free table and explained we wanted Afternoon Tea. We were asked which type of tea we wanted, and we both asked for Assam. Sadly this wasn’t on the options list; English Breakfast, Earl Grey and a selection of fruit teas were available, so we went for Breakfast tea.

After a short wait a fabulous three tiered stand arrived packed with goodies. The bottom plate contained the savoury options and seemed very generous. We had finger sandwiches which consisted of spicy chicken, cucumber, salmon, egg and ham and mustard. There was also a mini quiche each. The sandwiches were on a mixed selection of breads and as per tradition had their crusts cut off. They all had generous fillings, including a generous helping of english mustard on the ham sandwich - woosh!

We went for the scones next and each had a pot of jam and tub of clotted cream to share. There were two plain scones and two fruit, both were small, but certainly large enough given the context of things! They were lovely and fresh and perfectly buttery.

The cake selection on the final tier was impressive. There were two mini eclairs, a berry slice, chocolate cake, Victoria sponge and a piece of carrot cake. Yes this blogging is hard work. The cakes were just so nice, every bite was a delight and the selection exceeded my expectations. It is the kind of thing just made you smile. The chocolate inparticular was out of this world. I thought we wouldn’t never be able to finish everything but when the cakes are of this standard how can you not?
I thought that the quality of food was excellent, you’d expect nothing less from the cakes from Patisserie Valerie but the savoury goodies too were top notch, I loved the addition of the mini quiche. I thought that there was quite a bit of food for your money, and even with the teas they brought two pots even though both of us had the same variety. The staff were lovely too checking that we had everything we needed and keeping it special. Definitely a worthy treat, especially if you have a sweet tooth.
By Cinabar

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