5 May 2015

New Jammie Dodgers - Jammie Bakes (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

New Jammie Dodgers normally come in the form of a new flavour, but they stick to their set format. Two layers of biscuit, one with a heart on top showing off the jammy centre. These new ones however are fully enclosed, but do have a raspberry jam filled centre, even if there is no heart design.

I opened up the Jammy Dodger Bakes packet and had a look at the biscuits within. First thing that I noticed was that the biscuits were smaller than expected, isn’t that always the way. They are about the size of regular Jammy Dodgers to be fair to them, but compared to the pack size they looked small. The outer packaging is spaced out because of the large plastic tray within which gives the impression the biscuits might be the size of a large cookie, but they are just regular sized biscuits sadly. The outer casing has no heart decal on it, but when broken in half there is a decent sized portion of raspberry jam.
I liked the texture of the biscuits; the outer edges were crunchy and firm and the biscuit became softer towards the middle, where the raspberry jam burst out. The flavour was very similar to that of a Jammy Dodger, but the jam flavour was more intense as there was more of it. The jam was soft and even oozed a little, it wasn’t too firm and sticky. The base biscuit had a nice creamy sweet flavour, and I did really like these biscuits. If truth be told I liked them more than regular Jammy Dodgers, despite the originals being a classic. There was more jam and more interesting textures for me. They have also released an apricot version of these biscuits, which I’m looking forward to trying too.
By Cinabar

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