8 May 2015

Roses Coffee Escape - Pots of Joy [Dessert] (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

There seems to be a few new and interesting desserts out at the minute, and this is another new one from the Cadbury’s Pot’s of Joy range. It is a Limited Edition and is based on the Roses chocolate, Coffee Escape.
The dessert comes in a purple pot, and the majority of it is filled with a light brown coffee cream, the rest is a chocolate flavoured topping. This topping is made with Cadbury "milk chocolate" according to the packaging, a fact that amused me a little, since it didn't quite mention Dairy Milk specifically.

Anyway, I gave the Coffee Escape dessert a try and liked the combination of flavours, but it was sweet, and that it saying something form me. The coffee cream had the potential to add a little coffee bitterness, but it tasted more like an over sweetened cup of coffee, and I suppose it was in keeping with the chocolate you’d expect in the tin. The chocolate topping of course added more sweetness still, which meant the coffee was loosing its distinction as a flavour, as it blended in with the cocoa.
I liked the pudding, but have to say when I finished the pot I was quite content that I was done, any more would have been getting a bit rich for me. It is nice, but I’d have preferred a stronger coffee kick. I think this is more about the fact that I don’t take sugar in coffee so a bit of a personal preference. If you are expecting a dessert that tastes like a Rose’s Coffee Escape you won’t be disappointed.
By Cinabar

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