13 May 2015

Maggi SOS Chili Sauce (China Mini Market, Birmingham Indoor Market) [By @SpectreUK]

I wasn't sure what to think when I saw the two fat red chillies on the front of the bottle of this Maggi SOS Chili sauce. The fact that it had SOS in the title freaked me out a little too. I decided to try this chilli sauce with chips. I do like dipping chips into chilli sauce. I also like to use chilli sauce to spruce up otherwise slightly dull baked beans. Low and behold I was told that I'd be getting some baked beans with my chips and pie tonight too. So I dolloped a good couple of blobs of Maggi SOS Chili sauce in my bowl of baked beans and mixed it into the tomato sauce, and also a good sized blob of this red chilli sauce next to my chips. The sauce was sweet and tangy with a medium hot chilli kick and a hint of tomato. I thought this sauce was very tasty indeed and couldn't stop dolloping it on my plate once I'd started, and was also a bit put out when I finished my chips. It did a great job of jollying up my baked beans in tomato sauce too. Definitely a winner on my plate. :-)
Information on the bottle;
340g per 100ml at 164 calories, with0g of fat and 20g of sugar. Ingredients included; sugar, chillies (18%), vinegar, tomato paste, salt, flavourings, stabiliser; xanthan gum, garlic, and ginger.
By Spectre

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