28 May 2015

Tiger tiger noodles in no time, satay & Thai Green (by @NLi10)

In line with my current quest to find a reasonable lunch alternative that is both satisfying and tasty Tiger Tiger offered to send me their lunch pots.  As I use their products already for cooking at home this was an easy 'yes'.

What arrived was a little different to how I'd pictured. There are two pots - one for wet noodles and one for the flavour bits - and both go in the microwave - no kettles here! Importantly too there is no measuring and it only takes 90 seconds. I tried the Satay variety first.

Here they are freshly nuked - modelled on the apple iTray.

Pouring the little tub into the big tub gets you a soupy mess.

And a good mix later gets you a nice looking snack - that certainly smelt exciting enough to get the lunch room talking.  The flavour was distinct and matched what I thought a satay should be.  There were unexpected bits of peanut and veg which gave the variety in texture that you need to have. Overall this was a total win.

The following day I had my preferred option of the Thai Green - here we see the pots open the correct amount to allow venting and to make sure you don't have to clean the communal microwaves.

Again - they are fairly ordinary when alone...

And when mixed become a meal! I think this one possibly had more bits, and they were all welcome and nice. This one was a bit harder to eat and did flick sauce. I will forgive it though. The flavour was noticeable and not as strong as I'd expected, but very good. At a push I preferred the Satay (fat noodles!), but frankly I'm buying both of these again at the first opportunity.

I was worried these would be a bit hard to pick up and expensive, but I'm assured they are £2 from Asda and Sainsbury's which is perfect. They were filling enough that I didn't feel I needed more, but I'd probably keep crisps on standby. With the £1.75 I save by having these instead of the meal deals at work I can certainly do that!

These are something I will have again. Not as stunning or filling as the Pieminister pots, but fulfilling a different role. At the lighter and more affordable end of the range I don't have to justify the cost having these every day.

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