20 May 2015

Chabaa Grass Jelly Drink (Pinoy Foods, Birmingham Indoor Market) [@SpectreUK]

I pick up some weird things on my shopping trips around my favourite import shops in Birmingham. This definitely sounds like one of the weirder ones. Chabaa Grass Jelly Drink actually smelled a bit like grass on opening the can. Not that freshly Spring like just mown grass smell that haunts our neighbourhoods each Sunday, but the actual grass I chewed when I was a small boy stupidly trying to eat anything that I came into contact with, until a friendly soul would say don't chew on that a dog has probably peed on it!

A still black coloured drink with black bits of jelly popping out of the can opening into my tall glass as I poured, this Chabaa Grass Jelly Drink tasted surprisingly like a medium sweet iced tea. In fact better than some iced or cold teas I've tried in the past that cut at the back of my throat taunting; "Well, you should have drank me when I was hot!" I actually liked this drink. It felt healthy, refreshing, not too sweet and in no way painful to drink. The jelly congregated at the bottom of the glass giving me something fun to chew on too. I see grass in a new light. It's difficult just to see grass as something people mow, grow, sit on for picnics, play sports or smoke if you're daft... now I want to drink it!

Information on the can;

230ml can has 100 calories, with 0g of fat. Ingredients included; grass jelly juice (30%), jelly flesh (15%), and sugar (12%).
By Cinabar

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