14 May 2015

The Co-Op @CooperativeFood Loved By Us Tapas range [by @NLi10]

In the Co-Op at the weekend I spotted a lovely range of Tapas that I'd thought would be suitable for work lunches.  They could all be microwaved and looked of a decent size.

As it was the weekend I had the first for lunch at home - the Chorizo & Red Pepper stew.  

As I had the luxury of an oven I did it there instead.

And I turned it into a meal with added rice.

While the flavours were quite muted compared to actual tapas in Spain it was a decent flavour with a great mix of ingredients.  I think that the 'serves 2' assumes that you are using all three in the 3 for £6 range in the same meal though as this with the rice was still a little small for an evening meal.

Next up I had the Chicken & Chorizo Paella.  I microwaved this at work, which dried it out a little more than I'd hoped, but the range of bits was still interesting and tasty.  The portion was a bit small again and I was hungry before I left work.  

I haven't had the third in the range yet (meatballs) but I'm guessing it will be of a similar high-quality/small size.  What I'm thinking I will do with the range in future is to choose two complementary pots and eat them together - although this raises the price to £4 a lunch which is more than I'd like.

They all smelt fantastic and turned a few heads at work and it was certainly something to look forwards to at lunch time.  A nice treat - and if you have a partner who likes similar then a fun and easy evening meal for £6 for two people is a bargain.

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