26 June 2018

Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ‘Wich (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ‘Wich

Wow its hot, the sun is shining and even the heat at night isn’t something I am at all used to. So I decided to have a root around in the freezer and see if I could find any interesting ice creams stacked away. I spotted a box of these Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ‘Wich, they are basically a sandwich of biscuits filled with a cookie dough ice cream filling, and they sounded perfect for this evening.
I opened up the box and found that there were three inside in light blue packets, and they seemed quite chunky. I opened up one of them and found that the swirl on the biscuit in the image wasn’t as smooth as the picture on the box, but otherwise they looked a decent size.
I gave one the taste test and found the biscuit sides a bit disappointing. They were soft, but not in the way that American style cookies are soft and gooey, it was chewy, but I found I didn’t like the texture. The coldness made them feel odd to me. The ice cream in the middle was lovely though, it was creamy, and sweet and had a good biscuit flavour. The biscuit sides were a good way to hold the ice cream, but in my heart of hearts I would rather have had the ice cream in a pot with a wooden spoon! Oh well, it did cool me down in the heat, and it isn’t going to be too tough a chore to finish the others, its just not something I’d buy again. I would happily buy a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream though!

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