22 June 2018

Eton Mess Chocolate Bar (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

My mum spotted this new bar of chocolate in Waitrose as part of its new own brand range of luxury bars, and bought it for us to try. The chocolate bar is called Eton Mess, and consists of white chocolate squares, chequered with strawberry white chocolate and topped with dried strawberry and meringue drops. The bar is visually very pretty, and the flavour combination couldn’t be more summery if it tried.
I opened up the bar and was impressed that the meringue pieces and strawberries stayed stuck on top, they were obviously well melted in. The white chocolate base is very thick, and does have a good creamy flavour, I especially liked the pink sections with the addition of strawberry in its mix, as these added a lovely fruitiness to the taste. The meringue was sweet and crunchy and the strawberries were dried, but still had a nice texture. I think the addition of the toppings looked rather stunning, but did make the bar more interesting to eat too. It made the chocolate rather gift worthy, perfect to give to somebody along with a greetings card for a special occasion. As for me though the strawberries and cream flavouring make this perfect for a British summer, and a fun bar to eat while watching the tennis on the telly. Thanks mum for the treat. :-)

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Anonymous said...

If this is a bar you really liked, best get a few whilst they have them in stock! Waitrose got in a fight with Hotel Chocolat about their "copycat" bars and agreed not to restock once supplies ran out. :)