23 June 2018

The Good Cider of San Sebastián: Strawberry (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Well it's early Saturday afternoon, the women's tennis is on, and what could be a better accompaniment than strawberries and cream? A strawberry flavoured cider, maybe, produced in San Sebastián, in Spain. At 4% volume this sparkling deep pink cider has a strong sweet strawberry smell to it, with merely a hint of cider apple at the back of the smell. This concerned me a little as I do like a good cider (pun intended). I don't mind ciders flavoured with other fruits, as I've got used to blogging about them over the passed few years, but I prefer to be able to taste the cider apple, with whatever fruit has been added in the brewing very much as a secondary flavour. The fact with this strawberry cider was that I could barely smell the cider. There was indeed strong sweet strawberries to start with dominating the flavour, however the apple cider poked through the secondary fruit and finally won through into the aftertaste. This cider with strawberries certainly tasted like the perfect refresher for a lazy afternoon watching two young ladies bouncing up and down playing with balls and rackets. Primoroso!

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