29 June 2018

McVities Digestives ChocFilled Thins (Ocado)| By @Cinabar

McVities Digestives ChocFilled Thins

I didn’t think I would be revisiting Thin biscuits as a concept, I feel we have already given them quite a bit of coverage. However new is new, and these particular ones from McVities are now double layered and chocolate filled; well “chocfilled” as the packet seems to have made up a new word.
There are 12 biscuits in the pack, and although they are still thin, they are a bit thicker as they have some chocolate filling and a double layer of biscuit. This also means the calories are increased and each biscuit has 56 calories.
I gave one a try and have to admit to rather liking the textures, the soft filling emphasised the crunchy nature of the biscuits surrounding it. The McVities biscuits did taste wholesome, which is down to the wholemeal flour. The soft chocolate filling was more generous then I had expected, and added a good level of sweet milky chocolate flavour, which I really enjoyed. So these did get the thumbs up, and they survive dunking (in coffee) far better than I had expected they would. However they are quite pricey when you remember there is less weight of biscuit in the pack compared to buying the full size, but I did enjoy the novelty of the texture. Also the lower calories didn’t work out too well for me, as I ate quite a few…

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