9 June 2018

Rekorderlig Peach and Basil Cider (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Rekorderlig Peach and Basil Cider

Swedish cider brewer, Rekorderlig, has created some pretty innovative ciders recently, ready for the onset of Summer no doubt. It has been a hot sunny day again, so I thought I'd crack open a bottle with my dinner. This peach cider with basil seemed to fit the bill… either that or it was at the front of the fridge and I was too thirsty to go digging around for anything else. On first glance I had the same feeling I had when Cinabar first introduced me to the bottle; Guh! To be fair I've drank Rekorderlig ciders before and never had a bad one, but peach and basil is pushing it… Surely?

This 4% peach cider with basil had a heavy peach smell on opening, with an almost equal weight of basil at the back of the aroma. This carbonated almost transparent cider as well as the heat of the afternoon sun were begging for a few cubes of ice. Of course, I didn't have any… so proceeded on drinking it anyway! To my surprise the strong basil flavour hit my tastebuds first then coupled with the slightly sour peach into the aftertaste. The fizz and sourness of the drink actually made me sneeze… that or the pollen count from sitting next to an open window. Don't be mistaken though; this is not a soft drink, it's strong on flavour, big on fizz, and has a sneaky sour bite that tickled my nostril hairs no end! I couldn't help but rather like it though…

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