30 June 2018

Neet Light Ale (@budebrewery Gloucester Farm Service Station) By @SpectreUK

Neet Light Ale

I haven't been on holiday to Cornwall for about twenty years, however I can imagine there are a huge amount of people surfing and enjoying the coast on this baking hot weekend. Bought from the farm Shop at Gloucester Service Station, this Neet Light Ale has a nautical theme with a ship and a lobster on the label. At 3.7% volume this ale was produced by the Bude Brewery and named after the river that runs through the Cornish town. Personally I've never been there, but it's a popular holiday destination and by the photographs on the internet I can see why.

On opening there was a keen mixture of sweet malts and fruitiness from the hops. This is certainly lively amber ale exploding into my beer glass with intense fervour. And a jolly light ale this is. Nose in glass produced a fruitiness that smacked of elderflower slightly overbearing the sweet malts I'd smelt on opening. On taste this Neet amber ale's hoppy bitterness pounces on the palate with lovely fruitiness washing around my mouth and then joining with those luscious sweet amber and caramel malts into the aftertaste. This is a truly tasty delightfully refreshing light craft ale. Perfect for a hot sunny day in the garden or lazing on a sandy beach somewhere by the sea. I may have to amble down to Bude to get another few more bottles sometime.

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