11 June 2018

Hula Hoops Flavarings Tangy Cheese (Ocado) By @Cinabar

These crisps were brought online from Ocado, and I wasn’t completely sure what the newness was from them from the name. I think I decided it must be the extra strong cheese flavour, and added them to the basket. They are called Hula Hoops Flavarings so I knew they were all about the emphasis on flavour.
They arrived in a very big bag that still felt quite light. We shared them out over a brunch, with sandwiches and some hard boiled eggs that needed using up. A bit of an off combination I know, but sometimes the fridge dictates such things. The minute the bag was open I realised that these were something a bit different, for a start the the Hula Hoops were huge! They are fairly light in texture, and felt nice and crispy. The cheese flavour is strong, but pleasantly so and not too musty. I liked the texture and enjoyed munching on them, they feel big and substantial but easily melt away in the mouth. The cheese was tasty, and my fingers were left tinged with yellow cheese crumb, which reminded me of my childhood. It felt like it tasted like a strong cheddar flavour but was very well balanced. I’m looking forward to trying the salt and vinegar version of this new Hula Hoops Flavarings too, and have a bag of those in the cupboard.

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