24 June 2018

Rejuvenation Spanish Orange Water (Holland & Barrett) by @NLi10

Sometimes you just want a simple drink when you are out. I fancied a water and had a few minutes before the bus to a show so I popped into Holland & Barrett.

Paying a pound for a half size bottle of water always wrankles so I looked for other options.


Here we have Rejuvenation. At £2.50 it was a little more than I wanted to pay, but after the abject dissapointment of Coke’s new tea water I figured I’d see if this was endemic of all bottled waters with a twist. Was this one worth twice what the tea cost?


Yeah - the science  blurb is shakey - I don’t Think  they realise we teach this in schools, but the idea is at least a sound one. Consume amino acids, and replace what you used doing stuff. 

And yeah - this is mostly water, but so are we so we shouldn’t hold that against it. I think putting sweeteners into everything is a terrible idea, but the juice means this actually tastes pretty good. The rejuvenation is real and not caffeine related, and I vastly preferred it to the bad ‘on-tap’ cola that the venue had. 

Was it worth twice as much as just plain water when I didn’t really do much exercise? Not really sure it was, but I enjoyed the flavour and did wake up a lot so I’d be happy to keep trying luxury and interesting waters in the interests of blogging of course.

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