25 June 2018

Golden Wonder Golden Balls Cheese Crisps (Aldi) By @Cinabar

I’m not the biggest football fan, in fact I merely check in on on how England are doing during big events like the World Cup and the Euros. Admittedly I keep an eye on our local team (Wolves) who have done remarkably well last season, but I’m far from being a super fan.
Anyway football is quite a big thing and there are a number of limited edition products coming out to help us celebrate, which I’m more than happy to pick up. I opened up this bag of Golden Wonder Golden Balls Cheese Crisps/Puffs on Sunday, while England played Panama, and made their impressive win.
The crisps are as the name suggests spherical, and are light and crunchy to bite on. The cheese flavour is quite mild, and they are very easy going crisps. I guess this makes them easy to share, as the flavour isn’t strong enough to be offensive to anyone. For personal taste I would like the cheese to be a little stronger in flavour, but I still enjoyed munching on these. I also rather liked the light crunch from the texture, the shape made them fun to eat too. These would be perfect for pouring into a bowl while watching the footy, or even with lunch which is what we did.

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