3 June 2018

GNAW bars of choc with bits (Malt Kiln Farm Shop) by @NLi10

While walking along the Fosse way towards Stretton Under Fosse we decided to visit a local farm shop that has recently been done up.

It’s a lovely area, and the fields of strawberries on the road down to the big barn of the Malt Kiln Farm Shop are really tempting.

The entrance makes people look tiny.


And it has a garden centre vibe inside, but is lovely and airy.

Fortunately for me, amongst the local produce is a valid review target. We like GNAW, they crop up in charity shops and make lemon meringue chocolate bars.


Here there is a new addition to the range, bars with bits in. One contains raisins so we laugh at that one and move on. Two contain seeds and granola and good things so we can buy those. 

First up we tried the milk chocolate variety

It’s essentially a slab of chocolate with peanuts granola and seeds. None of these really stand out as much as the salt on the peanuts which when you hit it is amazing. Yum. 


I think I preferred the dark version overall, while the orange flavour kind of vanished after the first bite the dark choc and seeds was much more my bag. My partner disagreed and preferred milk, but they were both good enough to try again. 

It’s mostly choc though, so not really ideal for a hot day.


If I’m honest though, I’d rather have another large bowl of the fresh strawberries we picked up on the day. Yum! 

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