19 June 2018

Mango and Ginger Drink Nix and Kix (Waitrose) By @cinabar

I don’t want to say that I don’t like ginger, I just want to start by stating that ginger isn’t usually a flavour I choose. If there are other options I tend to pick them over ginger, but weirdly I do like most warm spices, especially cinnamon. I felt I needed to add this little disclaimer before writing about this interesting drink from Nix and Kix, I suppose I should also add that mango is my favourite fruit!
With all that aside, I cracked open the bottle of Mango and Ginger Drink Nix and Kix and poured some into glasses to try. The drink is a pleasant orange colour and has a gentle fruity smell and a light fizz. This drink has no added sugar, but not in the way that many do were they replace the sweetness with apple juice so you end up with a sweet drink, this is simply not very sweet.
The flavour feels very grown up, and the mango is lightly sharp but very refreshing. I liked the taste, and after a sip or so got used to the flavour not being sweet, and really enjoyed the drink. The ginger, and indeed added cayenne, give the drink a warmth , but it is a gentle flavour, and for me well balanced. I don’t want a drink that burns my mouth, I just liked the way the subtler flavour of the spices enhanced the drink and made it more interesting.
This drink was very different from most soft drinks, because of its reduced sweetness. The flavour held out though and the mango shone through. This is an ideal drink for those looking for a grown up soft drink, and it is from a brand whose other varieties I will now be exploring.

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