12 June 2018

Summer Fruits Whips (Marks & Spencers) By @Cinabar

When I typed the title of this review I actually wrote Summer Fruits Walnut Whips; then I had to correct it. This is just because my first assumption on hearing about a chocolate whip is to associate walnut with them. There is no walnut on top of these new Summer Fruits Whips from Marks and Spencers, but there is a fruit topping and a fruity sauce inside, all ready for summer. There are three in the box.
I started by trying the pink topping, it is a blackcurrant covered in white chocolate which is decorated. I have to say it was quite sharp, there was plenty of white chocolate and this helped mellow it a little, but ultimately this was a zingy start to the chocolate whip.
The fruit sauce was inside and at the top of the whip when I tucked in. I kept these Whips in the fridge as it has been quite hot, and this meant that the chocolate was difficult to bite into, as it is rather thick. This does give a nice touch of luxury though. The flavour from the sauce was a much sweeter affair, and although it was mixed berries, strawberry shone through, and it was sweet and fruity. Strawberry and chocolate does work well and this with its light whipped mallow filling ended up tasting like a giant strawberry cream. Definitely an ideal treat for summer.

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Mummywho said...

Ahh these sound delicious! I too automatically thought of the walnut whip. You need to try the Carmel whip they sell them in Poundland!

Kate xx