20 June 2018

Buttermilk Cornish Earl Grey Crumbly Fudge (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Buttermilk were established in 1964 in Padstow, Cornwall, producing Artisan Confectionery. They have sprinkled Tregothnan Cornish Earl Grey Tea over this crumbly fudge. What could be better to wash this Cornish Earl Grey Crumbly Fudge down with than a mug of Earl Grey Tea? I can't imagine. So after brewing a mug of one of my favourite teas, I sat down to savour one of my favourite types of snacks for my after dinner pudding.

On opening the packet there was a decent sized bag inside full of unevenly chopped mid brown fudge. There were freckles of tea leaves dotted around the outside of the fudge blocks. On opening the packet there was the unmistakable sweet smell of butter fudge. A smell that takes me back to childhood holidays spent on the Cornish coast. A smell that now reminds me of my dad and times spent with him jumping amongst the rock pools, whilst trying to catch a glimpse of some of their fishy and spiky inhabitants.

There was a whiff of Earl Grey tea to the fudge in the bag, more in the taste though. First there was the full gorgeousness of sweet butter fudge and then a slight citrus touch from the flecks of Earl Grey Tea. This is lovely sweet butter fudge in all its glory. It went well washed down with my mug of tea too. However, I could quickly see how the flecks of tea leaves could get stuck in between my teeth and could often feel them at the back of my tongue begging to be washed down. I'd prefer this fudge without the flecks and just left with their full sweet butter fudge confectionery perfection.

Information on the packet;
150g contains 125 calories per 30g serving, with 3.3g of fat, 23.1g of sugar, and 0.15g of salt. Ingredients are gluten free and included; sugar, sweetened condensed milk (whole milk, sugar), butter (milk), golden syrup, glucose syrup, earl grey tea leaves (0.5%), natural flavours, and salt.

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