28 June 2018

J20 Friut Fusion [its an ice-lolly] by @NLi10

It’s hot again, and British people don’t cope well with that. Luckily we have a freezer at work and hit the supermarkets before the shelves were cleared.  Today we have these J20 frozen smoothies.

Yeah - it’s basically a sorbet on a stick, which is cool. And oddly it’s saying it’s a smoothie, when J20 itself is more of a juice.


You get three individually wrapped sticks of cold fruit.

And they look pretty psychedelic! The taste is fruity and the texture very soft and inviting. They are just a little too big and it all gets a bit acidy and samey at the end, but I think if you were out this would be a very refreshing alternative to a cold drink.

I’ll try to grab a berry flavour one for comparrison, but if you want a non dairy cold thing on a stick then it’s worth a shot.

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