15 June 2018

New Cadbury Footballs (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

New Cadbury Footballs

So although I’m not a football fan as such, it has been pretty hard to not notice the start of the World Cup! There is quite a bit of football on the telly, and even the odd new football themed goodies appearing on the supermarket shelves. I picked up these “new” Cadbury Footballs in Sainsbury's, and knew immediately they felt familiar. At Christmas each year Cadbury brings our Snow Bites, which are ball of Cadbury chocolate coated in a white candy crisps shell, much like these World Cup Footballs. Its almost like they just used the same mould and machine…
Ok so these Cadbury Footballs are still tasty and moreish because they are made with Cadbury chocolate. They are sweet and creamy, and are pleasing to eat. They are nice to munch on and the candy shell will stop them from melting (so easily) in the summer heat. I like the crunch it adds to the texture too. I’m sure there will be quite a few bags of these being eaten with people wishing England (or whichever team they support) well. So yes, these will sell well and do taste nice, but they are not the most innovative product from Cadbury for the football. Oh well, good luck to all the teams!

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