27 June 2018

Juicy Fuel Blueberry Cola (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

I'm not sure why Cinabar passed me this drink to blog about. I must have upset her somehow. I'll have a think back for a moment… nope, I've got nothing. However, if you ask Cinabar she can go back twenty years and name any number of things. A long list of stuff I can't remember. I reckon most of that stuff was a different guy anyway. Blueberry Cola… Seriously? I don't like Cola, let alone Blueberries! Having said that, looking at the ingredients below and there's far more white grape than there are blueberries in this drink. There's even more lemon than blueberries, but to be fair that's a pretty small percentage. I guess calling it "White Grape Cola" would be like the mayor in Jaws saying "You say Barracuda, people say what?"

Okay, so on opening this Blueberry Cola (made by Juice Shed in Cheshire) it smells slightly like one of those popup ice lollies I used to have when I was a child (or man-child if I saw one now). I think they used to make my tongue go blue (although I am getting old now). I bizarrely liked the blueberry flavour the best back in those days. The green was okay, red and orange were okay too, but blue was the clincher (although Cinabar tells me they were bubblegum flavour)! It also harkens back to those pull open ridged plastic cartons that used to be about then from the corner shops. They were really cheap and you had to punch a hole in the plastic top of the ridged plastic carton to get anything out. Orange was my favourite of those. Ah, to be young again on hot summer days… Anyway, I digress… this hot summer spell we're having seemed right for this fizzy Blueberry Cola. On pouring, it's actually more reddish in colour and tastes almost exactly like the Cola version of the popup ice lollies I mentioned earlier, which I'd totally forgotten was my real favourite. I'm actually considering freezing the second can into easily suckable ice cubes!!

Information on the can;
The 250ml can contains 50 calories per 100ml, with 0.1g of fat, 10.4g of sugar and 8mg of sodium. Ingredients includes no artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives, and contain; carbonated water (3.3%), fruit concentrates from white grape (68.4%), lemon (3.3%), blueberry (3.1%), natural colour anthocyanin, natural flavouring includes Kola Nut Extract. Allergens: barley malt extract.

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