1 July 2018

DUM DUM B.C.A.A. water in a silly shaped bottle (Home Bargains) by @NLi10

Continuing through the varieties of interesting water that have come out since the UK's 'sugar tax' was introduced I happened to spot this in our lovely discount chain Home Bargains.  Ordinarily the waters and such are more in the 39p range but this was a full 99p - what could make it worth that?

Well for one it's an odd shape.  I think you are supposed to carry it with you while running and you could even use it as a really ineffectual weight while working out (the harder you train, the lighter it gets).  They've also added some science to the water too.

I chose the BCAA water so I could generate more lean muscle by drinking this clear water with a hint of grapefruit.

To be honest I didn't really pay that much attention to the amino acid stuff this time.  I'm sure they are all in there though, they wouldn't lie to us.

And it tasted pretty good too - it was much nicer than the coke water, and not as special as the rejuvenation water from Holland & Barrett. I was refreshed by this, but I didn't feel massively replenished or like I'd got some much needed trace elements.

And that's where the review would end - except the thin body of the bottle actually made it really comfortable for my poor arthritic hands to hold - and it contained 700ml so for a while it became my water bottle to carry around in the hot weather.

Here it is in my step-nanna's garden.

Unfortunately it was confiscated when going into the wrestling a week later, and I forgot to pick it up as I left the venue.  I definitely had my £1 worth, and while it really isn't wise to use these bottles for too long as they aren't at all designed to be cleaned it was nice that it got to live a little longer.

Even if the shape did mean that sometimes a slightly too energetic drink would result in a face full of water...

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