3 July 2018

Doritos Collisions: Honey Glazed Ribs / Lemon Blast (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Doritos Collisions: Honey Glazed Ribs / Lemon Blast

The new flavour from Doritos is actually two flavours in one bag, they have combined Honey Glazed Ribs and Lemon Blast seasonings, and mixed the flavours up in the pack. I could see the two distinct flavours were distinguishable as the Honey Glazed Rib side were slightly darker.
We had a few of these new Doritos with a chilli con carne meal night, and had some sour cream dip too. I started with a Honey Glazed Rib Dorito and absolutely loved it. The flavour was sweet and spicy, with just a touch of chilli heat. They were a very moreish flavour, and the honey added a lovely sweetness. The other side contrasted well as the Lemon Blast were strong, and sharp in flavour. The citrus was full on and I enjoyed the zingy taste, it worked surprisingly well as a Dorito flavour. The combination of the two flavours may well not have sounded like they would go together but they really did, and I enjoy the mix of sweet then sour while eating them.
We loved having these accompanying our meal, but I think they would go down rather well poured into a bowl and shared with friends too, especially if you are looking for an interesting snack to munch on while watching the footie.

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Lisa said...

The lemon flavour sounds interesting, but "Lemon Blast" just sounds to me like detergent or toilet cleaner. "Tangy Lemon" I'd pick up!