27 July 2018

Milka & Strawberry (Pound World) By @Cinabar

Pound World in Wolverhampton is a sad sight at the minute. It is closing down and has reductions on reductions and very empty shelves. We have had quite a few of our purchases for Foodstuff Finds over the years and I couldn’t resist taking one last look. They were a haven for import and new products. The shelves were well picked over but I spotted on the side a Milka bar I hadn’t tried before and could resist picking some bars up.

The is bar is called Milka and Strawberry but is different to the strawberry cream’s I’ve tried from Milka as it is an individual size and has white bits inside the bar. The information on the back of the pack doesn’t go further than “crispy pieces”, I had wondered if they were meringue as they are quite white, but they seemed to be wheat based.
The bar does taste like a big strawberry cream though, but the filling is a little thicker. It isn’t too sweet and the crispy pieces add nicely to the texture. I really like Milka chocolate, as it has a very creamy taste, and this went well with strawberry filling. This is very much a summer bar, and as I had the last piece I said a cheers to Pound World, it will be missed on our high street.

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