7 July 2018

Wimbledon Ale (Marks & Spencer @WimbledonBrew) By @SpectreUK

Wimbledon Ale

One week into Wimbledon and it's difficult to know what to get more excited about; the fact that there is still a bevy of attractive women yet to knock each other out of the tennis competition, or that we're actually doing rather well in the football for a change. This Wimbledon Ale was brewed by the Wimbledon Brewery especially for M&S. At 4% volume this golden straw coloured ale has dried elderflower and lemon peel added in the brewing. I'm expecting a rather zingy citrus fruity flowery mix in its taste.

On opening there was a definite elderflower smell to this beer, with added citrus to the bitter hops at the back of the smell. There is a citrus bitterness with an additional zing from the lemon peel to start with that joins with the elderflower and sweet malts mid flavour, dancing around each other into the aftertaste. There is certainly a complex journey of flavours in this beer and it is rather good. I'd certainly recommend it. This Wimbledon Ale would go rather well with white meats, such as chicken and also fishy meals, or just an afternoon sat in front of the box watching your favourite mix of sports. Happy sunny sporting weather to you all!

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