9 July 2018

Limited Edition M&Ms Crunchy Caramel (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Limited Edition M&Ms Crunchy Caramel

I have covered a lot of M&M flavours over the years writing this blog, and they have mostly been via import. The UK market almost never has any new flavours, and this has annoyed me. I can’t think of many UK new flavours that have appeared in the nearly ten years of writing this blog, which is shocking. Basically they have done limited edition coloured shells (and occasionally a different type of nut) but nothing that feels properly new. It is annoying particularly when you hear about all the great varieties other countries get; Birthday Cake flavour, Coconut Edition, Strawberry with Peanut Butter to name just a few. These new M&Ms Crunchy Caramel are a genuine new UK flavour, and I have to admit to being quite excited to find them.

I poured a few out of the bag and the chocolates seem bigger than the regular chocolate variety, and rounder than the peanut ones. The colours are the usual bright tones, but there are no new colours.
I gave one of the chocolates a try and found them to be quite crunchy. The caramel isn’t super hard, and it isn’t chewy, and it does break easily. The crunch comes from the brittle texture. There is still a layer of chocolate wrapped around the caramel and this works well with the flavour. The caramel is at the right strength and is nicely defined and sweet. These are very tasty to munch on, and I enjoyed sharing them out. Caramel may not be the most adventurous flavour, but it works and the crunchy texture is a pleasure to munch on. I hope this is the beginning of them testing the water with new M&Ms flavours in the UK and that we see some great new varieties appearing here too.

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