10 July 2018

Walkers Poppables BBQ Rib Crisps (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Walkers Poppables BBQ Rib Crisps

I am a fan of textures and the idea of a crisps that “pops” sounded fun, so I added a bag of these New Poppables crisps from Walkers to my online basket. At least I assume the name Poppables referenced the texture, it might just be because they are good to “pop” in your mouth, I guess I was going to find out. When they arrived they came in quite a big bag, and it was quite full too. We shared them over lunch and there seemed to be quite a few each.

The crisps are 3D and oval in shape, with a criss cross pattern on either shell. I bit in and they are fun to eat, they don’t exactly pop, but if you crunch in it does make them collapse. I did enjoy the texture though. The flavour too was spot on, the BBQ Rib had a good defined barbecue sauce flavour that was sweet and smoky, and the rib element added a rich meaty taste. The flavour was very good and I managed to finish off my large portion and then go back to the bag to look for a few more, they were so moreish. These are definitely crisps I’ll be buying again, and I’ll be looking out for the other flavour that has also launched, which is Cheese.

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