22 July 2018

International KitKats from Japan - Sake, Banana, Wasabi & Dark (@NLi10)

When people go on holiday at work they bring back goodies from around the world.  This particular haul was epic - Japanese KitKats!  To get the most out of this opportunity and not just eat all of the snacks we took four and then quartered them to share amongst the tea.

I didn't get the Jam version to trial, and we ignored the matcha green tea one that I've bought loads of previously.

The boxes are truly ace pieces of packaging as art.

I think these are special regional editions from the new factory they built just for odd flavours.

These are truly gift-like experiences and not just for snacking on

Although we've clearly managed to eat a lot.

And here are the bars!

First up was the Sake - and as a colleague remarked it almost tasted of whisky!

It was very strong and certainly the most interesting of the bunch.  Probably not one for the children though.

Next up we have banana - with disappointing lack of yellow chocolate!

The flavour was that of the little yellow sweet bananas but in KitKat form.  As expected - decent enough.

Here we have the dangerous one of the bunch - Wasabi!

Pleasingly green and with the right smell, but it just wasn't that mind blowing.  I enjoyed it - sure, but I'm not sure I'd go out and buy these.

Last up was the dark one

We've eaten a lot of dark KitKats so this was again kind of a flop (but one I'd happily eat at regular prices).

So - presuming 50p per tiny bar the only one I'd import would be the Sake, but the others at a regular price are all reasonable.  More fun successes form the KitKat international factory!

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paulham said...

If only Kit Kat cinnamon was still available from Nestle Canada. *sigh*