4 July 2018

Emily Fruit Crisps: Crunchy Fig Banana (@DegustaboxUK ) By @SpectreUK

When I first saw this packet of Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Fig Banana I commented to Cinabar that they had a grammatical error on the front of the packet. As usual she corrected me informing me that Fig Bananas are a type of banana that we are generally unfamiliar with here in the UK. She reminded me that we generally only have Cavendish bananas here, as they travel well on ships. Apparently Fig Bananas are small plump bananas found in tropical parts of America and strangely enough, they taste a little bit like figs. I do like figs, mainly the biscuit variety, but I guess Fig Banana Biscuits are too much to ask for rather than Fig Banana crisps. Besides, I don’t like cooked banana, so these crisps should go down a storm…
There was an almost syrupy sweet smell of banana on opening the packet. Considering Fig Bananas are supposed to be plump, these banana crisps were roughly one and a half to two centimetre wide discs. Certainly crunchy, and not in a teeth breaking way, these melt in the mouth Fig Banana crisps did have a sweetness to them not dissimilar to fig, but of course with an overarching banana flavour. Considering I don’t like cooked banana the syrupy sweetness of these crisps distracted from that creating what could be called a decent ‘pudding’ crisp. And why not, every crisp can’t always be savoury…? 

Information on the packet;
The 18g packet has 81 calories, with 1.1g of fat, 10.3g of sugar, and less than 0.1g of salt. Ingredients included; banana, RSPO-sustainable palm oil.

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