5 July 2018

PLENISH - Organic Almond M*LK (Waitrose) by @NLi10

Products and marketing are weird these days - I'm never truly sure whether brands make up these names in a way that can be misinterpreted or just don't spot the odd similarities.

Here i think it's deliberate.  We have a white almond milk, where the name is Plenish, but the H is so stylised to be almost invisible and the mind automatically jumps to another word.  So much so that the first I'd heard of this was someone sending me the picture in FaceBook chat.

The fact that they've chosen to highlight that this isn't milk by covering up the second letter there too suggests to me that it's all a (successful) ploy to get interest online.

The branding however is pretty consistent and stylish, the package is very pleasing to behold.  And as far as almond milks go it's pretty good.  It's probably more drinkable than the standard Alpro that I go for but I primarily used it on cereal.  I didn't shake it enough so the last bit wasn't as good as it maybe should have been, but that's my fault.

When I bump into this again I'll certainly be picking more up so whether deliberate or not it's got me interested in branching out from my usual non dairy milk products.

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