29 July 2018

Rocket Shaped kitchen towel and bright green cider (by @NLi10) @Ora_Home

Sometimes you see a novelty product on special offer and cant help buying it anyway.  On Ocado this week I got a 'voucher' price for this Ora - all round kitchen towel.  We needed kitchen towel anyway and it was £1 or so for the thing so I thought why not.

Turns out the whole one handed thing is handy with 4 cats, one of whom views the world as her personal toilet...

The rocket shape is odd, but it means that you always have a sheet handy and don't need to support the base to grab one (at least while it's full).  I didn't dare take all of the packaging off yet because of other cats knocking it on the floor.  From looking online though the base seems stable and stylish so I'm going to remove that once I get home.

And here we see the interesting side-effect - they are all round.  I'm not sure whether this is handy or not yet - and I'm also curious where the rest of the sheet goes.  You can imagine how the tucks and folds work too - I hope there is a speedy machine that makes the towers and it's not done by hand (I've done similar jobs in factories - this isn't as unlikely as you think)!

As kitchen towel it also works fine - non human spills are dealt with and kept away from hands with relative ease.  Maybe not an everyday kitchen towel - but great if you want something to take out when you have guests round with Pizza fingers.

We got some normal kitchen towel too.

Well - relatively.

It's basically the standard plenty with pictures on it.  Incredibles 2 is a decent film but it won't be remembered as a classic.

And here we have a quick bonus thing - Cider we got locally while away on a National Trust property for the weekend.  The Cider House is very famous locally - and it's got decent reviews.

It's strong, it's insanely green, and it tastes a lot like the standard Brothers cider.  Unfortunately I didn't go over and buy any on the walk as we didn't really have time, but I had a couple of mouthfuls and it was surprisingly drinkable.

If you drank a whole one to yourself you'd probably need the kitchen towel though...

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