12 July 2018

Chocolate cRaisins - Ocean Spray (Home Bargains) by @NLi10

I don’t like raisins, but I do like cranberries. I think there is some super taster thing going on as it’s a weird bitter taste that puts me off, and I can detect them and sultanas in puddings to the degree that even sharks are impressed.

Here we have an opportunity to see what all the fuss is about, chocolate raisins without the raisin. 

I think the idea behind it really isn’t that these are healthier than raisins, but I’m not really sure why - surely all dried fruit is equal? Maybe like with sun-dried tomatoes there are different ways of exatracting the moisture and still leaving the fruit edible.


My partner said they taste exactly the same as chocolate raisins to her and that we could have more of these. I didn’t get the aftertaste, so it was just like eating a little soft sweet thing inside some chocolate. Nothing too exciting or something I’d go crazy for. If these had biscuit in we’d be talking! So I guess I’m just not excited by dried fruit in chocolate, if these were strawberries and kiwi in molten chocolate at the German market then I’d like that too. So if you like raisins and you fancy a change or you can figure out the health benefits then give these a try!

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