2 July 2018

Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky BBQ Potato Chips (Aldi) By @Cinabar

This interesting flavour of crisps were found in Aldi, and made by Burt’s, despite the packaging being very different for them. The flavour is Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky BBQ Potato Chips, which sounds very intriguing, mixing whisky flavours and barbecue.
The crisps are quite crunchy, and are well cooked. I’m not sure if this was a one off with my bag, or if all the Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky crisps are like this. Burt’s aren’t usually quite as sharp and crunchy. Flavour wise these crisps are, as the name suggests, rather complex. There are quite a few barbecue spices that come through, so there is a smokiness and something like paprika, there is also the flavour of whisky and a hint of both sweet and salt. They are an involved taste, but they do work, I like how the flavour varied on each bite and the change from sweet to salty. The crisps are trying to deliver a mix of flavours, and they do this successfully, without actually being to strong. They are a summery flavour, and would work as discussion point for a summer picnic or barbecue. These are certainly crisps I’d have again, we loved have them accompany our lunch time sandwiches.

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