8 July 2018

We need to talk about Kevin the pie (Ocado) by @NLi10

Pieminister make the best pies on the high street, that’s not really up for debate. At least not in the meat category. There are lots of very good veggie and vegan options out there by people like Higedy that give them a good run for their money there.

And that’s where Kevin comes in. Yes - it’s a vegan pie, but like Fry’s food it’s not designed to exclusively appeal to people just wanting to eat vegetables. This is gateway vegan food, the stuff you can give Tom normals and tell the, that it’s vegan afterwards and they won’t believe you.

Unfortunately it’s got mushrooms in it so I won’t touch it! This is where living with a veggie comes in handy. She was more than happy to try a new Pieminister option.

Although she did render it non vegan by putting cheese in the waffle stack!


Either way, we had some lovely McSweens vegetarian haggis alongside so we were always going to have a lovely meal.

Her verdict was that it was very good. She particularly liked the spring onions, but was confused as to why it was trying so hard to feel meaty! The pastry was the usual high quality Pieminister style so overall it was a win. So if you know someone who likes mushrooms and wants to try a vegan pie then here is a good place to start.

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