26 July 2018

Latrice - Excuse The Beauty chocolate bar (@LatriceRoyale @SweetStoreLA) by @WarlockAnt & @NLi10

I have friends with odd tastes.  It's not so much the whole Drag Queen thing (that I get) but how many people think to go online and buy their chocolate bars - all the way from the States?!

Well one of my friends did (the one who is coming with me to see Latrice if she ever makes it to the UK without postponing the tour again), and he sent me the pictures to prove it.

Should you decide to partake you can pick them up here direct from her website.

So - what does an $8 Candy Bar taste like?  Lets ask!

"It was very like our chocolate very sweet and full of many tastes.  The flavour were all well mixed and it's kind of like a selection box in a bar - each bite was different.  Some were smooth and some were crunchy, depending on where you bit.  It would satisfy the chocaholic deep inside of all of us, and it makes a fantastic treat for yourself or a present to a drag queen super fan"

To the uninvited onlooker it's a white chocolate covering...

...on a milk chocolate bar - that is basically a Rocky Road!

As the site says 

From Sweet! Hollywood, this candy bar hand-crafted by Latrice includes:

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate


Macadamia Nuts



huh - it even copied the formatting (but not the odd font)!

So - if you want to tip your preferred drag queen, and get chocolate in return instead of CDs then go for it - it certainly sounds like an adventure!

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