6 July 2018

Degusta Box June 2018 (@DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

So it is that time again when the lovely folk from Degusta deliver us a fun box of interesting and new goodies to look through, this June box has a summer and bbq theme, and I was keen to dig in.

First up we have some items for those with a sweet tooth. As you may have realised from reading this blog before I like dunking biscuits in my coffee and biscotti are the Italian biscuits designed to be dunked. They are hard, and soften in a hot drink. These ones are flavoured with cranberry and Pistachio. There is also a box of gourmet Jelly Beans from the Jelly Bean Factory, which are always fun to identify the flavours. The Salted Carmel honeycomb bar sounds fab too, but I suspect it will disappear Spectre's way when I'm not looking!

These posh bread finger rolls came at the right moment, these will be used up for hot dogs from the barbecue. They are the perfect addition to a barbecued sausage too in summer.

We have a couple of packets of cooking sauces from Capsicana, both are with chilli and have a wonderful Caribbean feel to them. I'm thinking chicken and sticky rice as tasty additions.

Continuing on the savoury side we have a potato bake mix from Idahoan, I've tried their cheese mash and absolutely loved it, so I think this will be a treat too. There is also some useful avocado oil spray, perfect for adding to the grill pan before use.

Cucumber seems to be very in this year, and this new Cider from Rosie's Pig combines it with Raspberry. Spectre will be writing about this new drink further later, he has already popped it in the fridge.

There are quite a few drinks in the box, which makes a lot of sense given the heat. The flavoured water from No and More contains no nasty ingredients and I will take it to the gym with me on Sunday.
I haven't had Orangina for ages, but used to love it as a kid. I remember the adverts stating shake the bottle to wake the taste. The idea was to mix up the orange bits in the drink. Finally there are two drinks from a company called FYRE which contain fruit and spices, which I'm looking forward to taste texting.

Last up in the box are these flavoured rice crisp snacks from Peckish. There are 5 bags in the pack so are perfect for taking to work, and should be tasty as they are barbecue flavoured, and healthier than deep fat fried crisps.

I'm very impressed with this months box from Degusta, and we will be reporting on some of the items individually a little later.

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