19 July 2020

Blue Dragon - Thai Red Curry Kit #Vegan (by @NLi10)

Authentic Thai food can be a pain to find - especially if you want it to be veggie - so meal kits are great.  Where as the jar sauce contains the fishy bits, the kits let you decide to add in the nam pla yourself.

This is one we've had waiting around to be used.

I figure it's for two as children are not the best at spicy food!

Essentially you pop the paste on your meat/quorn and then once that's all coated you put the coconut milk in and simmer away.  We only put one of the three chillies in.

Then after I took out my partners portion I put the other two in just mine - yum!

With the sticky rice that i got in a sack it made a nice little meal.  I decided not to put the extra water in at the end to make it authentically sloppy (there are a few other suggestions on the sleeve too) but it was a great, quick meal for two!

Will buy again - we tend to alternate between the colours for variety.

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zeddy said...

That reminds me; I must clean the toilet! ;-)